Funded Projects

Recent Projects Funded by BCGAWCF

2007 To Build a small scale Cotton Gin for use by small farmers in developing countries. UoM

2007-2010 Prevalence of respiratory symptoms and exposure to cotton dust and bacterial endotoxin in material workers in Nepal. Edinburgh PhD

2006-2007 The incidence of occupational disease and work-related ill-health in textile workers in the UK: Occupational Health UoM

2006-2008 A Study of the Reaction of Macrophages to the Stimuli of Cotton Dust, LPS and Cyclic Pressure – End of Year Report August 2007

2008-2009 The role of base excision repair in regulating endotoxin induced inflammation. Occupational Health UoM and Environmental Sciences Salford U.

2010-2011 Child Workers and Industrial Health, 1780-1850 Oxford U

2012-2014 Identifying exposure assessment decision rules to improve future epidemiological studies in the Cotton and Textile Industries, and beyond UoM

2015-2017 The UK Textiles Industry – Analysis and Prospects. UoM. External Link

2016-2018 Protective Efficiency of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) against Byssinosis for Cotton Workers. UoM Materials Science Dept.

2017-2018 Research into the labour conditions in the textiles and garment industry in Greater Manchester. Homeworkers International. External Link

2017 Textiles for Disassembly: how can design practice create models for disassembly for textiles in a circular economy? Partial support for Ph.D. Chelsea College of Arts and Design.

2018 MECH-MIX Materials: Designing progressive blending of mixed fibres from post-consumer textile waste to enable mechanical recycling to achieve high-value materials. Support for Ph.D. Chelsea College of Arts and Design.

2018 Innovation Voucher Scheme NW Textnet.
New Application Biodegradable fibres as a viable business opportunity for a more sustainable fashion industry. UoM Materials Science Dept.

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